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General Plumbing


We are highly qualified and experienced to carry out all types of domestic plumbing work and services.
No matter how big or how small the work you require, we promise to meet all our customers expectations by treating every single job with the same level of quality and care from start to finish, allowing you complete peace of mind.

We can undertake all kinds of residential and commercial plumbing jobs
including unblocking, Fitting, Servicing and Installing:
* Taps
* Outside Taps
* Sinks and Basins
* Toilets
* Showers
* Washing machines
* Dishwashers
* Internal drain
* Pipes
* Ball Valves and WC's
* Tanks
* Thermostatic Radiator Valves
* Burst Pipes and Leaks
* Moving and hanging radiators
* Removing airlocks

* Plumbing system inspection
* Bathroom: repair, maintenance, replacement and installation
* Cold water storage Tank: repair, maintenance, replacement and installation
* Un-vented hot water/ Water Cylinder/ Mega Flow: repair, maintenance, replacement
and installation

* Water Heater: repair, maintenance, replacement and installation

* Water Softener: repair, maintenance, replacement and installation
* Any other plumbing works needed

From new showers to state-of-the-art plumbing systems, cast iron baths to under floor heating systems, we can install it.
Years of experience mean that whatever you purchase, whatever you choose for your property- if it can be fitted, we’ll be able to do it. We’ll also advise you where best to put it - and let you know if something just won’t work or isn’t right.

Power flushing
Power, Jet or Hard Flushing' - there are several names for this useful, innovative service.
It involves cleaning heating systems with water at a high velocity but at a low pressure. And by adding powerful cleaning and mobilizing agents we further improve the cleansing process.
Power Flushing removes sludge, scale and corrosion deposits. This prevents excessive noise, increases efficiency and protects against future damage - including possible boiler failure.
It's hassle-free, there’s no mess and, at the end, your system is left with fresh clean water.


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